Gazelle Duty NL 3-Speed Bicycle

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Meet your new favorite bike! Based on a pedigree of excellence in cycling, the Dutch-built Gazelle Duty NL is an elegant, simple, fun bike. Equipped with a 3-speed internally geared hub and a coaster brake, there are no frills and fiddly bits to distract you from your riding pleasure. A fully encased chain means you never have to worry about your pant leg, and full fenders keep you dry if you hit some puddles.

The bright orange frame will stand out both on the street and on the bike rack, and a step-through design means it's simple to climb on and ride. The large front rack has a 10kg capacity and will have you carrying groceries, your briefcase, or backpack with ease and style, and integrated front and rear lights mean that you'll always be safe and easily seen on the streets.

While the bike is very simply equipped out of the box, there is plenty of room for upgrades. The fork has cable guides for generator hubs and drum brakes, and the rear can be upgraded to other internally geared hubs, or have a single speed installed.

While it may not look like it, there are many other clever features that only a dutch bike can offer - come see one yourself!


NOTE: This item is NOT shippable and must be picked up in-store.

Sizes: One size fits most.

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