About Urban AdvenTours

Urban AdvenTours is a unique, eco-friendly company, offering bike tours, rentals, and sales out of Boston’s Historic North End.      

We’ve come a long way since our founder, Andrew Prescott, started running bike tours out of his apartment in 2004. Since then, we’ve expanded by way of partnering with other local bike shops and spreading the word. Now, we have two storefronts of our very own: the tour and rental shop at 103 Atlantic Avenue, and the bike shop a few doors down at 109 Atlantic Avenue.

We still give the great historic tours that made us famous, leaving from 103 Atlantic Avenue every day at 10 AM & 2 PM and a 6 PM evening tour Thursday thru Sunday. We also offer quality bike rentals, both of our standard Kona Dew Boston hybrids and of more technical bikes. Over at the bike shop, you can find a wide selection of new and used bikes, as well as tons of apparel and gear. A friendly bike mechanic can also help you with any repairs or tune-ups your bike may need.

Our team is what makes us really stand out. We’re fun, friendly people who love to share our enthusiasm for bikes, Boston, and biking in Boston, whether it’s by giving a tour or helping choose a new bike in the shop. We can also point you towards hidden gems all over Boston and the surrounding area. Think of us as your own personal Bike Concierge!

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Not only will you have a great time on our tours, but you’ll also be doing yourself and the world a service. Bikes are a fun, safe way to “burn carbs, not carbon.” You make an active, healthy choice to travel by bike, but you also make a smart, sustainable one to bail on the buses and boats that create harmful emissions.

We are a locally owned, independent, and green company. So, everything we do is with sustainability in mind. From re-purposing used furniture and retail supplies, to finding carpet made from recycled materials, we’re keeping it green. For bicycle delivery, we roll the same way. The BioBus runs on recycled vegetable oil as it visits Boston area hotels and local events. We’ve also been awarded the Bike Friendly Business awards from both the City of Boston and the League of American Bicyclists. In the end, we’re thrilled to be a part of greening Boston.