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We're proud to offer a wide range of high-quality service in our repair shop. Need something done that isn’t listed? Just give us a call at 617.670.0637 or stop by, and we’ll let you know what we can do.

*Please note that all prices below are labor and do not include parts unless otherwise stated.

There is a $25 estimate fee for all bikes dropped off that will be waived if repairs are approved.



Flat Fix (price includes standard size tube) Starts at $30
Flat Fix (price is customer provides correct tube) $25
Flat Fix for E-bikes $50
Tubeless Refresh (Per Wheel) Sealant Included $25
Tubeless Tire Set up (Per Wheel) Sealant Included $35
Tire Change (per tire) $20
Wheel True (Minor) - Side to Side lateral truing $30
Wheel True (Major) -  Lateral Dish, or Out Of Round $45
Rim Spoke Replacement (Front/ Rear) $30/ $40
Disc Spoke Replacement (Front/ Rear) $40/ $50
Hub Adjustment (Front/ Rear) $20/ $25



Brake Adjustment (Per Brake) $15
Brake Pad Installation (Per Brake) $15
Rotor Installation (Per Wheel) $10
Cable and Housing Replacement (Front or Rear) $30
Brake Installation $15
Hydraulic Brake Installation $40
Hydraulic Brake Bleed $40



Derailleur Adjustment (Front or Rear/ pair) $20/ $35
Cable and Housing Replacement (Front or Rear) $25
Derailleur Install / Replacement $30
Derailleur Hanger Alignment or Installation $20


Headset and Bottom Bracket

Headset Adjustment $20
Bottom Bracket Adjustment $25
Headset Replacement $30
Bottom Bracket Replacement $30



Chain Install $15
Cassette/Freewheel/Cog Replacement $20
Chainring Install $20
Complete Crankset Install $30
Crank Arm Install $20


General Accessory Install $10
Fender Install (Single/Full) $15-$30
Rack Install $20
Fender & Rack Install $45


Custom Wheel Building

Hand-built wheels are stronger, stay true longer, and just feel better on the road. You have the ability to pick your wheel components, from hubs to rims to spokes to lacing pattern. Because of how unique every wheel is, we charge $110 per hour of labor performed on our custom wheels.


*please note that all prices are subject to change.