Bike Assembly, Box and Ship Services

Visiting Boston and can’t be without your bike? Have a big ride planned that can only be accomplished on your own two wheels? Heading out on a trip, or moving out of town? We’re happy to offer bike boxing and shipping services.


Ship Your Bike to Urban Adventours

  • Plan to have your bike arrive at Urban AdvenTours a week before you’ll need it.
  • Call us at 617-670-0637 to arrange shipment.
  • Please have your bike shipped to:

    Urban AdvenTours
    C/O Service Department
    103 Atlantic Ave
    Boston, MA 02110

  • Once we get the bike, we’ll assemble the bike to ensure it’s ready to ride.
  • Need a tune up before the event? We’re more than happy to assist! Please let us know what you need when you call the shop to arrange shipment.
  • If for whatever reason the bike comes missing pieces (unfortunately this happens) or we discover the bike was damaged during shipment, we’ll always call you to authorize any further work done on your bike.

Expected Cost: $100


Have Our Mechanics Pack Your Bike to Ship

  • Drop your bike off with plenty of time for it to be packed and shipped to your destination. We recommend budgeting 3 days in the shop plus whatever time it’ll take to ship to your destination to be safe.
  • If you’re shipping through a service like BikeFlights and they provide you with a box, great! Just bring it along with your bike.
  • If you need a box for your bike, we can sell you one for $20.
  • Once we’ve got the bike all packaged for shipment, either come pick up the boxed bike, or have the shipping company pick it up from the shop.
  • Want us to take care of shipping?
  • We’re happy to arrange shipping from the shop for you for a small handling fee.

Expected Cost: $80-105 + shipping cost

Please note: we are unable to coordinate international shipping, however we’re happy to box the bike and have it picked up from the shop.


Coming into town for a charity ride?

Ship your bike to Urban AdvenTours! Since we’ll be unpacking and repackaging your bike for the ride, expect to spend approximately $160 plus shipping and handling. If it’s a ride we’re offering delivery to, we’re more than happy to bring you your bike as well for a $20 delivery (cost is for delivery one-way, space allowing).

If you’re coming to town for the ride but don’t want to ship your bike, don’t forget that we offer a number of high-quality bike rentals, one of which we’re sure will be perfect for your ride.

Any questions? Feel free to call the bike shop at 617-670-0637 and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.