Bicycle Tune Ups and Overhauls

We want to see more people on bikes, and a big part of achieving that is making sure their bikes work properly!

Chances are, if you're out riding your bike -- and especially if it's one of your primary modes of transportation -- there will come a time when it needs a little tuning up. We offer a variety of bicycle tune up services to get you back on two wheels. And if you can't live without your bike for a single day, don't fear: ask about our loaner program.


Quick Clean and Lube - $30

This service gets your bike back up to speed quickly: we clean and lube your drivetrain, wipe down your frame, and make sure your braking surfaces (rims, discs, etc.) are nice and clean so you can stop when you need to.


Basic Tune Up - $100

With a Basic Tune Up, you'll get everything included in the Quick Clean and Lube above, along with adjustments to the brakes and gears, and minor truing of the wheels. Our mechanics will also check and adjust the security of all bearing systems. This package also includes a test ride to make sure everything is running smoothly. If your bike needs anything beyond a basic tune-up, we’ll let you know in the estimate we provide.


Advanced Tune Up - $120

The Advanced Tune Up includes everything in the basic tune up, as well as a deep drivetrain clean/replacement OR cables and housing replacement.


The Overhaul - $200

For an Overhaul, we basically take the bike apart, clean it, and put it back together with all new cables and housing. A major tune up will ensure your bike’s brake and shifting systems feel as good as new. We true the wheels and grease/adjust all of the bearing systems(hubs, headset, bottom bracket) to keep things feeling smooth and prevent parts from unnecessarily wearing. The $200 labor fee also covers the installation of any parts that need replacing at that time(think wearable parts like brake pads, chains, cassettes,etc.). A major tune will guarantee your bike feels fantastic when you ride away!


*please note the prices above are for labor and do not include the cost of any necessary parts