Electric Bike Resources

Everyone loves riding bikes, it allows you to get outside, stay physically active, and maintain good health. However, many impediments like distance, wind, and hills make it challenging for some people. Electric pedal assist bicycles add speed, range, and power to the riding experience and allows the rider to venture into uncharted territories. Urban AdvenTours offer Class 1 (pedal assist / no throttle assist and up to 20mph) and Class 3 (pedal assist / no throttle assist and up to 28mph) electric bikes for rental and sale. 


Love your electric rental bike ? Awesome! we sell all our rental ebikes throughout the season and will deduct one day of your rental price towards the purchase price.


Want a new electric bike? We got you! Come see our selection of comfort and mountain electric bikes.



(Bike pictured is the Specialized Vado SL)



Brands we offer?

We proudly offer electric pedal assists bicycles from the top brands in the industry. Such brands include but are not limited to Specialized Turbo bicycles, Giant bicycles, Scott Sports, Kona bicycles, and Biria bicycles.







E-Bike MA Laws