Drop Off Repair Program

Bicycle Drop-off

Despite having the longest hours in Boston, we know that sometimes you just can’t find the time to stop in for service. That's why we offer a Bicycle Drop-Off Box, located just outside our shop at 109 Atlantic Ave.

Here's how it works:

  • Lock your bike up at one of the racks on the 101-117 block of Atlantic Avenue. There is also a bike corral set up seasonally in front of our 109 Atlantic Ave shop location that can be used.
  • Grab a drop-off form out of the lock box in our vestibule (109 Atlantic Ave)
  • Fill out the form and zip tie your key or write your key’s code on the form
  • Drop the form and key in the lock box
  • We’ll call you with a quote and start work on your bike as soon as possible.
  • Once work is done, we’ll call you and you can come pick up your bike!

Please be advised that this service is offered AT YOUR OWN RISK. We are not liable for bikes damaged or stolen overnight.